Ordering Guidelines


How many numbers are in your sequence? There is space provided on the External link opens in new tab or windoworder form to enter up to 5 different sizes, as well as space to enter numbering sequence(s).


To determine the size of your signs, we recommend determining what size the number or letter is necessary at a particular distance, and then, how many digits (maximum number) will be in your sequence. For example: a 2" digit can easily be read from 50 feet, and if you have 4 digits in your sign, you'll need about a 3" x 6" unit number. Keep in mind that a 2" high character is about 1¼" - 1½" wide.



External link opens in new tab or windowClick here to see our standard colors.

Mounting Method

  1. Holes. We can drill holes so signs can be installed with screws or rivets - please specify the size (5/32" holes will be drilled if not specified). 12¢ for 2 holes and 20¢ for 4 holes.
  2.  Adhesive Tape. We can apply a strong two-way adhesive on the back of each unit number—simply peel and stick. Not recommended for all applications—please inquire. Adhesive Backing: 8¢ per square inch.
  3.  Plain. You can purchase several adhesives at your local hardware store that will work great for most doors or walls. We recommend silicone adhesive available in caulk tubes. You may want to hold the sign(s) in place with a small piece of masking tape while the adhesive dries.

Numbering Sequence

Be sure to specify if dashes, spaces or leading zeroes are to be used. (i.e. "A1" or "A-1" or "A 1" or "A001") If you already have your sequence in an electronic file (Excel spreadsheet, Word document, text file, or tab delimited), just email us the file! If not, please fax us a typed or neatly printed sequence.

Ordering Guidelines

Ordering Guidelines